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Deschutes County Court justice system relies on several state and local courts for handling judicial matters. As a result of the former system where resources were targeted toward the offender, often leaving the victim underrepresented, Deschutes County Justice system and citizens work together to restore victims and communities to the fullest extent possible. Accomplishment of this objective has been made by confronting crime, addressing social disorder and criminal behavior, and by holding offenders accountable to their victims and the community. The Community Justice of Deschutes County seeks to prevent crime, attend to victim needs, hold offenders accountable, operate a cost–effective system, and promote secure communities where crime cannot flourish.

Deschutes County Court is comprised of 4 major divisions which are the following: Juvenile and Domestic Relations, Legal Information, Trial Courts Special Programs, and Deschutes County Trial Courts Information. Trial Courts Special Programs include the Arbitration Program, Divorce Pro SE / Dissolution Program, Family Program, and Mediation Program.

Probate Estate Records from 1917-1970 with a series of documents information recorded about estates probated in the county or circuit courts are available. Information includes deceased party's name; recording and death dates; residence; name and address of executors, administrators, or trustees; estimated values of real and personal property; inventory and appraisal dates; the estate's value according to the appraisals and to the county court; and the names and relationship of heirs.

Contact information:

County Courthouse
1164 NW Bond St.
Bend, OR 97701

District Attorney
Phone: (541)388-6520
Fax: (541)330-4691

Victims' Assistance
Phone: (541)388-6525
Fax: (541)330-4691


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